Cycle The Net Imports was established in 2008 by current owner Matthew Whitmore. Since then we have gained four prestigious contracts to Import and distribute Leaf Cycles, Elka Suspension, Diverse Racing Suspension and Kartell Components. As riders ourselves, we constantly strive to find the best quality products that the market has to offer. One of our top priorities is customer service, we know that there is no better combination than a great product tied alongside great customer service, and that is what we aim to provide.

Elka Suspension
Leaf Cycles

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 Life Behind Beers
Please Note, we do not condone any of this... Follow our man Tom and his mates on their adventures on and off the bike;
 World’s first interactive mountain bike film
Ever wanted to ride some of the best trails in the world, but those high priced airfares holding you back? Not any more they aren't!
 The Story Behind Leaf Cycles
"The first jumps we build where some piled bricks with a wooden plate on the top. We used standard touring bikes with three speed hubs these days. All this happened, before bmx came over to Europe". - Frank Heinrich, owner of Leaf Cycles