#TBT: Underground 2


So it's Throw Back Thursday (#TBT)!

This is an old video from 2 years ago. 

When the opening Australian DH national round was canceled at short notice, the crew at [R]evolution Magazine, Australia's premiere gravity/all mountain magazine, decided to step up to the plate, hosting their own race, exclusively for the pro riders complete with a massive cash and prize purse.

It was straight up underground format, so no number plates, no bunting, no insurance and no rules! Riders including Mitch Delfs, Ben Cory, Rhys Willemse, and a dozen other freakishly fast crew traveled from across Australia for the two day event. All taking place on a brand new track in a top secret location in the mountains of New South Wales. Timing was taken care of by FreeLap watches with an open jam format meaning any run on Sunday counted. This meant the ante was upped continually as day went on. In the end Ben Cory took top honors and a big handful of cash.

Dodd Nights, my 2012 Recap!


Hey guys,

Here is a little look back at 2012. Eric Macdonald wanted to try out a bit of filming with me, not enough for a full length edit but I hope you enjoy it anyway!


Twenty12 Re-cap!


2012 Re-cap!

Twenty twelve, so stoked with all the good times and memories had this past year! From the countless weekends spent on the bike with all the guys doing what we enjoy most, to just generally having fun with friends and everything in between.

Personally, it's been such a sucsessful year for me riding. I've learnt so many new things, had ridiculous ammounts of fun and just feel as though I've progressed a lot on the bike compared to the year before. Maybe not visibly to most, but in the way of feeling more controlled/natural. It's a tough feeling to explain but to all you riders I'm sure you understand!
And I couldn't have ended the year any better than by finally filming a new edit! So for those of you who haven't had a watch yet, watch and enjoy! And if you've already seen it, watch it again anyway raspberry

All the positive feed back I've been recieving has got me even more excited to get started on another new edit straight away. Hopefully I'll be able to start clippin' asap!

Anyways. Some of my 2012 photos, enjoy!

..aaand cut.

- Zane xo

Zane Caldera 2012/13 Edit



Filmed these clips mostly right at the end of 2012, and a few today to finish it off! Kinda bummed i didn't get any street/peg clips but ah well, saves some clips for the next edit!


Filmed by - Jacob Jolly

Edited by - Myself

Canon 60D

18-55mm Canon lens

Thanks for watching, hope you enjoyed!
Now go ride your bike... 

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