Leaf Cycles Motostick Cranks review in AMB


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Leaf Cycles Motosticks Full Review

"There are some areas of your bike that compromising on strength just isn’t intelligent. Your cranks are of these. Of course, if you can go strong without adding horrendous amounts of weight it’s even better. The new Motosticks crankset from Leaf are definitely a product that fits this ludicrously strong, kinda light description. They use a tubular steel construction, but the weight is less than most BMX-inspired cranks at 799g (plus bottom bracket). It’s their two piece construction that really appeals – rather than using a ‘floating’ axle like most BMX cranks, the axle is pressfitted into the right crank arm. This makes for a stronger connection, as well as making installation/removal much simpler, although you do need specific tools for the operation which must be purchased separately. It’s worth taking the time to get the spacing right first time around as the left hand crank fits so tightly to the axle that removing it to tweak the chainline is hard work (trust us). Speaking of the axle, it’s a beefy 19mm in diameter and uses a 48 tooth splined interface for huge contact area between the axle and crank arm. The bottom bracket houses four bearings for excellent axle support and better bearing durability. We’ve had these on our dirt jump bike for over six months now and we’ve not even had to give them a moment’s thought. No creaking, grinding, bending or other problems to speak of, which is impressive on a bike that gets used and neglected this much. When we went to pull them off the bike to check them out for this review the crank bolt was as tight as the day we installed it and the bottom bracket bearings felt like new. You can’t ask for more than that.

PRICE: $279