#TBT: Underground 2


So it's Throw Back Thursday (#TBT)!

This is an old video from 2 years ago. 

When the opening Australian DH national round was canceled at short notice, the crew at [R]evolution Magazine, Australia's premiere gravity/all mountain magazine, decided to step up to the plate, hosting their own race, exclusively for the pro riders complete with a massive cash and prize purse.

It was straight up underground format, so no number plates, no bunting, no insurance and no rules! Riders including Mitch Delfs, Ben Cory, Rhys Willemse, and a dozen other freakishly fast crew traveled from across Australia for the two day event. All taking place on a brand new track in a top secret location in the mountains of New South Wales. Timing was taken care of by FreeLap watches with an open jam format meaning any run on Sunday counted. This meant the ante was upped continually as day went on. In the end Ben Cory took top honors and a big handful of cash.