The training is ramping up as I get back to speed after sitting on the sidelines for almost 5 months with a broken hand! I have been training with Mat Dodd at various tracks here in SE Qld including Illinbah, Old Tambo and a couple of secret locations!! Last weekend Mat & I spent Saturday riding at Tambourine Mountain (Old Tambo)and punched out lots of runs in conditions which were near perfect. We went back again on Sunday with Dad (Harvey Power)as our shuttle driver however; temperatures were getting pretty hot at 32oC and it did not take long to start tiring! We managed about 6 full runs of Pinball and the track had turned dusty and loose but still a lot of fun before deciding to pull the pin after nearly crashing several times on my last run down. Next weekend we plan to hit the tracks again in an effort to regain as much fitness as possible before the racing season commences. Mat and I are working on our racing program for next season which hopefully will include an overseas season in Europe/Canada and the USA but more of that when it is all confirmed. Check the link below to get an idea of the Pinball track on Old Tambo: