V10 now riding with ELKA SUSPENSION

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I am real pumped to announce that I will be riding on Elka Stage 5 suspension for the up coming season.

After the past week of riding on a Elka Stage 5 and putting it to its paces, I am extremely confident in the product and the way it reacts and feels. Running the custom tune on the V10 keeps it tracking were it should be.

A massive thanks must go out to the guys at Elka and CTN Imports for the support. Super professional on a personal bases. Looking forward to working with you guys. #pumped.

Few Pics of the V10 decked out with the ELKA STAGE 5.


Introducing Elka Rider Mathew Dodd

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Proud to announce our newest partnership with Queensland pinner Mathew Dodd. Mat's been riding with fellow team rider Ben Power for a while now and been recently doing some personal testing of the Elka stage 5. Well we must have passed as Mat's signed up to ride with us for the 2013 season.

Looking foward to seeing Mat racing in NSW this weekend at Ourimbah, trying out the new shock and seeing some of his style i've heard so much about.

Check out Mat's Team Page Here



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It has been awhile since I updated my Blog and that is because I have been out of action with a broken hand for the past 4-5 months! Unfortunately, I broke the 4th Metacarpal in my right hand just weeks before I was to depart for the USA and Canada with Matt Dodd which created some issues but eventually they were all resolved! Matt went ahead with his travel and competed very successfully in the Eastern States Cup - New York State picking up a number of podium finishes including a 1st which was an awesome achievement. Me, I stayed at home to mend which sucked but I have learnt some good life lessons from this incident!

I am happy to report that I finally got back on the big bike (Santa Cruz V10 - carbon) last weekend for the first time since late April. What better track to test out my mended right hand but the infamous, Illinbah!! A team of us headed up by Matt Dodd and including Chris Dalziel, Paul Dymalla and Dad (Harvey) have been working away getting Illinbah back to it's best riding/racing condition now that the rain has stopped and it is has dried out for the first time in 2 years!! A team of devoted riders headed out again last Saturday to put the finishing touch's to the track and then got to do runs for the next few hours. We headed back down on Sunday for some more runs but I was flogged out so only got in about 5 runs which was plenty. My hand held up really well and I feel as though I am getting back on the pace with the bike which is a good feeling. Have a ride day happening out at Illinbah again this weekend so more opportunity to get ride/race fit before the National season kicks off in Australia & New Zealand.

That's it for the moment so will put up another post with pic's after the training days have been held. Cheers,


Introducing Holly Feniak

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I'd like to share with you Holly Feniak, Cove Team rider. Holly chooses to ride Elka Suspension and was recently interviewed on the worlds largest bike community website 'Pink Bike'. At age 16 this young gun has one almost every national round in Canada and inspires to be number 1 world wide.


Holly Feniak - So hot right now!

Holly Feniak is on fire. Not literally of course, but the 16 year old downhill racer from the Sunshine Coast of BC has moved into the pro ranks and is starting to make herself known. I want to say that she's an up and coming racer because so few people have probably actually heard of her, but I think that would be misleading as she's already one of the fastest women racers in North America. As a junior last year she won most of the races that she entered, but what really made me notice her was the fact that last year her winning time at the Sunshine Coaster race was the fastest women's time overall, and then at the Western Open she had the fastest women's time overall by 37 seconds. 

So far in her first season as a pro she's placed 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in the Northwest Cup races, and she finished 5th in the Sea Otter DH. She also managed to win the Sunshine Coaster again this year, beating out well known Canadian downhiller Micayla Gatto by almost 5 seconds. Her time at that race was less than 14 seconds off the Elite Men's win, and would have placed her 4th in the 17-18 male category. Not bad at all for a 16 year old girl. I've spent a bit of time shooting and hanging out with Holly in the past few months, read on to find out a little bit more about her.

The Basics

How long have you been riding? Since I was 3 years old.
How long have you been racing? 3 full seasons, this being my fourth.
Best result? They have all been good!
Career highlight? Right here, right now, all summer long!

Holly Feniak is racing against the big girls this year and she s starting it off right. First Sea Otter DH and first Sea Otter DH podium 5th place.
Holly's first big pro race this year was the Sea Otter Classic DH. Fifth place, and her first real pro podium.

Holly Feniak on the Sunshine Coast
Holly Feniak on the Sunshine Coast
Holly Feniak on the Sunshine Coast
Holly Feniak on the Sunshine Coast
Holly Feniak on the Sunshine Coast
Holly Feniak on the Sunshine Coast
Holly Feniak on the Sunshine Coast

The Details

So you race mountain bikes, how did it start?

Boys. Really cute boys...then somewhere along the line I started riding for me (falling in love with DH didn't take me long). I also love the outdoors, I love to travel and meet new people, and my family have always been bad ass mountain bikers; which inevitably, rubbed off on me. Kidding, but actually, I love people, and the fact that I could be surrounded by people who all share a mutual love for such a unique, new and exciting sport was absolutely irresistible to me.

Why do you race?

There is no other sport that at this point in my life that I want to do more, and I have a fiery desire to make it as a professional athlete. After I earn a rainbow jersey, I plan on taking that party straight to the Olympics.

What made you choose DH instead of XC?

XC is punishment, DH is play. Kidding, once again. XC is actually a wonderful thing, and I enjoy XC races very much. But I have never felt an adrenaline rush even close to the ones I experience the ENTIRE ride, while shredding DH. Maybe there isn't a ton of money to be earned in racing the DH discipline right now, but it's what makes me truly happy, and I know that soon downhill will shock the world and receive the audience it deserves! XC will always be on my agenda, and maybe in the near future I will hit up a few big XC races...see where I stand.

Holly Feniak rides her bicycle on the sunshine coast of BC
What is your favorite place to ride?

There are so many incredible riding adventures to be had for me, but so far, nothing has topped the perfect combination of loam, rocks, steeps, roots, and hero dirt of home.

Holly Feniak rides her bicycle on the sunshine coast of BC
Are you inspired by any pro women DH racers, which ones?

Yes! Definitely. Honestly, they ALL inspire me. But so far, one that has really stood out to me is Mellisa Buhl. I have only met her once, and really don't know too much about her, other than she wears pretty make up, is really sweet and is dangerously fast. I had a quick conversation with her after Sea Otter and she told me that throughout her amazingly successful racing career she had been going to med school. WHAT!? I was blown away and filled with inspiration when she shared with me that she is a soon going to be a doctor, all while having a whole other career as a pro athlete MTB'er. This confirms that my many dreams can be achieved, and I don't have to just choose one, anything is possible. Girl Power.

Holly Feniak rides her bicycle on the sunshine coast of BC
How does it feel as a woman in a sport that's predominantly male?

Awesome! I never have to worry about girls all over my boy! But I can't wait until the numbers balance out a little more. Downhill mountain biking is extremely powerful in the way of inspiring women. I've seen it, and I've felt it. Once exposed a little more, mountain biking will ignite the ambition in many women to get up, push their limits, and go beyond their comfort zones to realize their strength and potential as an athlete, and most importantly as a person. 

Holly Feniak rides her bicycle on the sunshine coast of BC
Do you do any other sports? Cross training?

I have been dancing since I was 7, and dance still holds a very special place in my heart. After the race season, I get right back into it for most of the winter. Ballet, contemporary, modern, jazz, hip hop; you name it, I'll dance it! I also love yoga, and practice it most days. I live right on the water so kayaking is right up my ally! Behind my house in the lush green forest there is a never ending series of hiking trails, that I love to run on. I used to be a little soccer superstar, and still love to kick the ball around when ever I get the chance. I think if it wasn't mountain bike racing, it would have been soccer. I love to snowboard, skiing is fun too, I am just a green run kind of gal when it comes to the skis though, haha. At some point, I want to get right into surfing. Heck, I love it all and I'm going to do it all-and GoPro it all too!

Holly Feniak rides her bicycle on the sunshine coast of BC
Holly Feniak rides her bicycle on the sunshine coast of BC
Holly and Linden Feniak and Tyler Allison riding on the sunshine coast
Holly and Linden Feniak and Tyler Allison riding on the sunshine coast
Holly and Linden Feniak and Tyler Allison riding on the sunshine coast
Holly and Linden Feniak and Tyler Allison riding on the sunshine coast

More Personal Stuff

Girly or Tomboy?

Dresses or Jeans?

Favorite riding clothes?

Tea or Coffee?

Absafreakingloutley. But only the natural and organic kind where they don't exploit animals.

Pink or Black?
Oooooooooooo. They both look really hot.

In 5 years…?
Legal in the US... Wink



Holly Feniak rides her bicycle on the sunshine coast of BC


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