Diverse Suspension Products

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Diverse Suspension Products(DSP) have come on board as our suppliers of Ti Springs in Australia and New Zealand, these guys know about quality and performance. DSP is located in California and supplies the market with a huge range of spring sizes and weights to suit all. We are now the suppliers of DSP in Australia and NZ, so if your still running on steel, it is time to upgraded!

Visit your local bike shop and ask how they can get a DSP Ti spring for you today!

Diverse Suspension has a new home!

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Well it wasn’t too long ago that I was bringing you the great news about the partnership between Cycle The Net Imports and Elka Suspension. Elka has already kicked off with fantastic responses, Sales are coming through every day and a few bike shops have already picked up the brand.

The Elka Stage 5 proved that rear suspension didn’t need to cost an arm and a leg to offer great quality. Diverse Suspension Products (DSP), who are well known in the market for their high quality titanium springs, have now come out with one of their own shocks. CTN couldn’t resist the offer to be the stockist for Australia and New Zealand. This shock is designed for someone with a little more knowledge about DH bikes and their suspension, but rewards them with their amazing price.

Starting at $437 AUD for this shock is already an amazing price for the product, but that just isn’t good enough for this American Company, they are well known for their Ti Springs, not shocks. That is why; every shock comes with a FREE Titanium spring. Theses Ti springs are already valued at $300 AUD.

This product will have the full support of Cycle The Net Imports in Australia and New Zealand.

“DSP has been developing the dueler for nearly over 2 yrs now. They have riders in the UK and here in the states who have extensively tested and raced on these. Our team alone raced on the first prototypes two years ago with zero performance problem. The last variant, which is near the production one, is still on my current bike as we speak. I'm very satisfied and hope to be able to get the production model with the proper air volume adjuster. They have also switched reducer/hadware sizes to standard ones. No more need for odd--sized Manitou reducers.

In my observation, the company is not boasting to have created any new innovation already in the suspension market. However, it's a great aftermarket alternative for many of us at a great value.” – Ozzer.

This Product includes a life time guarantee, so you can enjoy with no fear!

The product will not be available in stores; it’s an online product only. While we are still playing around with our website setup, orders will be taken by email. To apologise for any inconvenience, all orders for the next 30 days are a further 5% off!

For sales and Information, please contact:

Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Phone: (02) 8911 4302
Mobile: 0421 672 826