Leaf Cycles

Leaf Cycles is a small, rider-owned company saddled in Augsburg, Germany. Leaf Cycles was created by owner Frank Heinrich. As a little kid, he found his passion to fly with bikes. Since that time nothing has really changed. His vision was to create products with quality, function and style. In 2007 this vision came true with Leaf Cycles and the first line-up of products hit the market.
"It is all about having a little bit of fun together with some friends" – Frank Heinrich

Leaf Blog

 Life Behind Beers
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Please Note, we do not condone any of this... Follow our man Tom and his mates on their adventures on and off the bike;
 The Story Behind Leaf Cycles
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"The first jumps we build where some piled bricks with a wooden plate on the top. We used standard touring bikes with three speed hubs these days. All this happened, before bmx came over to Europe". - Frank Heinrich, owner of Leaf Cycles
 Dodd Nights, my 2012 Recap!
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Here is a little look back at 2012. Eric Macdonald wanted to try out a bit of filming with me, not enough for a full length edit but I hope you enjoy it anyway!