James Patterson

Full Name:
James McLaren Patterson. . . But most peeps call me Patto

22/03/1989, and what a glorious day that was

Lismore, Victoria, Australia. Though, currently residing in Melb’dizzle.


 2012 coming to an end
Well, its that time of year, the end of the year. Can't believe its gone so damn fast! So many good things have happened this year and I definitely can't wait for 2013 and see how it all pans out. Lots of things on the 'to do' list and to tick off.
 Post Whistler Depression
Well this is highly irritating. Last night I spent an hour and a half compiling a massive blog post to make up for my slackness lately and you know what happened? The freaking internet crashed and I lost it all, including the damn auto save! So this is attempt 2 at writing a post. Unfortunately i'm not going to put the effort in like last time but i'll try my hardest for you..
 One week left
Well, it has been a while since i've made a blog post! To be honest, I haven't been riding that much lately which sucks. A couple of hours on the weekends and thats about it, pretty lame. Well, that's all going to change though in a weeks time as i fly out to Whistler, Canada, for 2 months. Pretty damn stoked and excited!