James Patterson


Full Name:
James McLaren Patterson. . . But most peeps call me Patto

22/03/1989, and what a glorious day that was

Lismore, Victoria, Australia. Though, currently residing in Melb’dizzle.

Your local spot:
Box Hill Skateo bitchez

Whats special about that spot:
I ride there, Lincoln rides there, rad people ride there, hell everybody rides there! Its the middle of China too…

If you would organize a bike jam, who would be your favorite 5 to invite:
Chase Hawk, Tom Dugan, Lincoln Phillips, Lachie Roycroft anddddddddddd Jack Kelly.. Eh not Ricky cos he neverrrr gets invited to anything EL OH EL, i joke i joke. i <3 ricky

Best spot you ever rode:
Hell… Everywhere where there is a good vibe, good riders and some good weather! Best spot is too hard to decide, but Boccy is defs up there!

Trick you sucked most:
Fronties, they are sooo ef’ing annoying to get the last bit of the rotation and the landing part of things… Damn you fronties and you difficultness!!

Years of riding:
About 5 or 6 years… Kind of think about it, i’m a Veteran now! =|

Your next goal on the bike:
Land fronties, then land some other sort of amazing stunt and get my inverts bigger!

Favorite activities beside ridin´ bike:
Love to take a good photo now and then, and also sleep! Milo is rather run and even kicking back shooting stuff on the farm

How do you spend your time in the age of 77:
Hopefully still busting inverts

CTN Imports, Leaf Cycles, Fox (suspension) and Illusion Bmx

Your favourite ride:
Sliding down this mass hand rail at the Jam Factory

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