James Patterson

One week left


Well, it has been a while since i've made a blog post! To be honest, I haven't been riding that much lately which sucks. A couple of hours on the weekends and thats about it, pretty lame. Well, that's all going to change though in a weeks time as i fly out to Whistler, Canada, for 2 months. Pretty damn stoked and excited! I'm taking both my downhill bike and hardtail over so I can experience as much of Whistler as I can. Especially keen to get back on the big bike as its been way too long since it has had any attention and damn i miss it lots. I'll be sure to keep up regular posts on whats happening over there with pleanty of pretty pictures for you to marvel at. 

Anyways, I've attached some photos from tonight at the skate park after work. Got my new Cactus v5's in the mail and a couple of light stands. Pretty damn keen to try them out properly. Photos courtesy of Harly James


Star wipe... And, cut..