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Post Whistler Depression


Stunts.. Dennis | Jordan | Thiago on Pinkbike

Well this is highly irritating. Last night I spent an hour and a half compiling a massive blog post to make up for my slackness lately and you know what happened? The freaking internet crashed and I lost it all, including the damn auto save! So this is attempt 2 at writing a post. Unfortunately i'm not going to put the effort in like last time but i'll try my hardest for you.. 

All I'm going to say is that Whistler is so god damn amazing. I spent 2 months there and i'm so sad that i'm back home.. Next year for sure, i'm going to go back there shredding!! 

I was lucky enough to get there just before crankworx started. Crankworx is such a massive event with so many different things happening at once. Its amazing to see the amount of people that trip from all over the world to whistler for that week festival, bikers and just general public plague the village as it swarms with people. It was definitely an experience that's for sure!

During crankworx i chose not to ride the mountain and avoid all the squid muppets on the trails and decided to ride the park and dirt jumps instead. They were way less crowded and much more chilled which was good. Plus we had a rad crew hitting them up each day! Earlier in the trip the jumps saw so much traffic so they were kind of running pretty shitty which sucked but after the majority of people left the mountain town the jumps got fixed and stayed running well which was great. 

The people i got to ride with through out my whistler stay were amazing and all shredders! There are way too many people to mention but all the guys that shredded jumps and DH with me, I love you all and can't wait to be back next year shredding the gnar with you guys (and girls) again soon!!!!!

Riding the mulch jump

Airdome sessions although i hate the place the box jumps were fun

Whistler is such an amazing place with such amazing views


After crankworx myself and some others decided to head to Silverstar for a small freeride comp. Was a long drive there and in a rented sedan with 4 people and bikes and no bike rack was kind of hard. The course was pretty rad with a boner log to berm to 2 trick jumps to a whales tail. I didn't ride to well which sucked after i fell off the boner log in practice trying to stop before the end after slipping a pedal. I may as well have tried to make the gap instead of stopping as i went to flat to my shoulder and hip. Not good! I still managed to put some runs down for the comp but took it easy with just some big nacs / tables / euro's and bars. Was good to get through the event and not actually kill myself at all haha

On the way back we managed to pile in everything once again with an added dh bike.. Have to say that was one cramped trip back to whistler!!


Once we got back to Whistler it was time to hit the bike park as most of the people and squid muppets had left after crankworx. The best thing about riding the mountain would have to be beers after a solid days riding watching the last few riders come down the trails.

The downhill in Whistler is amazing, so many different trails to choose from and such a variety in trails also. Definitely can't wait to get back next year and shred some gnar!

Damn i miss this place so much!! As if you would want to leave these views..

I managed to get one day in on a trick jump in Squamish and it deserved a backie. I've also attached a video from Dennis / Thiago / Jordan stunting this trick jump, i highly recommend you watch it!! BANGERS!

What i love about whistler is the fact you can drink the water from the streams. Straight from the glacier, super cold and clear and delicious! This was on the way to 'Hey Bud' trail which would have to be my favourite trail i rode, so fast, loamy and just down right amazing

Getting ready to drop into 'Hey Bud'

My second favourite trail on the mountain, Top Of The World, then Ride Don't Slide!! So much elevation drop its ridiculous!


Bulk Aline trains

The weather in Whistler was so weird but amazing.. After going through this fog it was a sunny 23 degrees at the top and clear as day. The cloud blanketed the whole valley, was so weird!

SO MANY SQUID MUPPETS!!!! The steeze cheese would not be impressed at all!

The best drink there is wink


My favourite brazillian Thiago! He loves to party


Miss these trimmers! Chairs up are the bomb!

And then the dream came to an end and back to reality it was, sad times =[ Managed to come up positive to explosives at Vancouver airport, so the last few hours in canada were definitely entertaining haha


Well, that's pretty much my Whistler trip in a very simple display of photos and minimalistic decriptions. Definitely can't wait to get back next year!!!!! 


Star wipe... And, cut.